Hope By Design

Hope By Design

Saunie Rothwell of Saunie Rothwell Interior Design is bringing a new element to design at this weekend’s Charity League Bargain Fair: heart.


Rothwell, a returning designer to this year’s Bargain Fair will be creating and styling a room composed of pieces that will be for sale. The Bargain Fair’s proceeds will go to Easter Seals West Kentucky, recipients of the Charity League’s past impressive donations. But this year, the event resonates for Rothwell.


“This year the bargain fair for Easter Seals takes on a whole new meaning for me,” Rothwell explains. When she participated in the Bargain Fair four years ago, her twin granddaughters had just been born. At the time, she didn’t know that one of the twins, Addison Joy, was autistic.


Since then, her family has consulted Easter Seals about programs aimed at helping children living with disabilities. Currently, Addison is enrolled at Clark’s Child Development Program with her sister and is “making a lot of progress.”


Rothwell describes her granddaughter fondly. “Addison is precious, and with all the wonderful help from places like Easter Seals and her having a loving family, we are hopeful that she will have a great and wonderful life.”


Easter Seals reports that in Kentucky in 2012-2013, 4,839 or 4.96% of children with disabilities ages 3-21 who received special education services have autism.


Needless to say, Rothwell’s connection with Easter Seals and its programs is bound to make this year memorable.


In fact, Rothwell explains, “My room is dedicated to [Addison Joy] this year.” Rothwell’s booth will also feature a picture of Addison Joy. She describes her room as a relaxed, casual eating-style kitchen. There will be other styles of furniture available as well.


When she participated in the Bargain Fair four years ago, Rothwell says she had no idea how hard the ladies of the Charity League worked for this event. “I was amazed by their dedication to do something wonderful for the community,” she says. “They really take what they do to heart.”


That’s why this year, Rothwell says she’s glad to be a part of the event. “I’m just happy being able to give my time,” she explains. Most of the pieces in her room were donated by her clients, Rothwell says. “When I told them about the Bargain Fair for Easter Seals they opened their hearts and homes and donated a lot of furniture, pictures, and accessories!” And as compared with the last Bargain Fair, this year Rothwell is much more confident. Of her room design, she says “I feel a lot more relaxed about what I need to do to make it more profitable for the Easter Seals. These kids and adults being served by [Easter Seals] are special, and they need other people to help them be all they can be.”


For the designers, the donors, and the eventual customers that will make the Charity League Bargain Fair a success, this is an opportunity to help the organization do just that.



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