House Hunters In Paducah

House Hunters In Paducah

Jaded from unsuccessful house hunting, Josh Morehead and Clint Warf would have never guessed their search for a Paducah home would garner them national attention, even when Clint’ s mother started their application to be featured on HGTV’ s hit show, House Hunters. For the recent newlyweds, getting married meant starting a new life as one, and buying a house was the next logical step in making a home together.


House hunting began in the summer of 2014, just before the two were married in September. With disagreements over budget and location, the process was slow. Clint was determined to stick within a budget, even if that meant living outside of Midtown and apart from the community they loved. Josh, however, was determined to live in town, close to local businesses and the young, entrepreneurial community, no matter the cost. Nearly 20 houses in, their hunting slowed to a near stop.


“We honestly weren’ t looking for our forever home,” Clint said. “We were looking for an investment, a starter home that we would be happy with.”


Throughout the process, however, Clint spoke with his mother over the phone often. “Oh, you two should be on House Hunters,” she kept saying. “You would be perfect!”


Clint lovingly told her she was nuts, that there was no way they’ d ever come to Paducah, KY, and that was all they said about it until the two visited her a couple of weeks later.


“She was over on her computer, and she says ‘ Josh! I can’ t finish this application. I’ m applying for y’ all to be on House Hunters,’” Clint said.


Two months later, they received an email requesting an audition tape, followed by another telling them a producer would be contacting them within 24 hours. Contrary to what some viewers may believe, the show itself is completely unscripted.


“It’ s really about your story and why it’ s unique,” Josh said. “Part of ours is that I was the one who was willing to be house-poor and he was the one who wanted to stick to a budget and be able to travel and all that. We had differing opinions about design aesthetic as well and what we were looking for in a house.”


With backgrounds in acting, singing, and performing, Josh and Clint thrived on camera.


“Oh my gosh, I loved it,” Josh said. “Secretly, that’ s what I’ve always wanted to do, be in front of a camera.”


Chosen from thousands of applicants, they were excited that their relationship stood out from the rest and that the beauty of their marriage and the region they call home was displayed on national television.


“There was a team of three who came to film the episode, and they fell in love with this town,” Josh said. “That, to me, was worth it because I love this town. Good things happen here to people our age. There’ s a lot going on here. Anything we can do to make our town look better, we want to do, so that’ s part of the reason we were excited we got chosen.”


“It’ s funny,” he added. “When I was 20 years old and I moved to Lexington, I told myself I would never come back. It’ s one of those things you can’ t explain, but now I just think that this is such a special place.”


While the house isn’ t their dream home or forever home, the two plan on sharing many memories and life adventures under its roof in the coming years, and, hopefully, one of those “adventures” will be wearing a onesie!


“We’ d like to bring a baby into this home,” Josh said.


“Yeah,” Clint added. “That’ s in our five year plan.”

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