Instagram Paducah 2.0

Instagram Paducah 2.0

Social media apps such as Instragram provide us with an insider's view of the richness of life from all over the world. From China to Africa to Iceland, we are afforded a momentary glimpse of another's unique point of view.


A while back, we featured some of our favorite photos of Paducah from Instragram. Since then, many of you have used the hashtag #paducah to share this amazing LIFE in our river town. Here are some that caught our attention in recent weeks. Be sure to tag your photos with #paducahlife whenever you capture a shot that shows how we shine, and follow us @paducahlife !  Happy Instagraming #paducah!


The lifeblood of our city has always been the river. Those who call the river home much of the time are sharing what it is like, and the views are often stunning! This shot by Tony Natero, shared by @ingrambargecompany, shows that even rainbows bow down to the river's magnificent power.



And this photo by @sharamc21 of towboat employees in training reminds us of the hard work that goes into the river life.



@stacyfrett captured this slice of the riverfront through the unique lens of raindrops.



@stanleymain02, who you may remember from the magazine as the bagpiper of Paducah, shared these unique perspectives of the '37 flood memorial and the PATS bus station at night.




Paducah has a rich heritage, and it is something we build upon into the future. The following shots by @huntertgraham and @heathermelea could have easily been taken years ago. And yet the Coca-Cola plant and the Columbia Theatre are marching into the future with current and planned restorations.





@corygreene posted this photo of a packed house at the River's Edge International Film Festival, reminding us of the gift of film to Paducah through Maiden Alley Cinema.



@nickalexrod, who was part of the traveling production of Sister Act, was certainly impressed with the Carson Center when he stepped out onto the stage for the first time.



Kingsway Skateland has been a Paducah fixture since the early 1970s, and @mtlbg certainly loved its retro charm.



The railroads have been vital to the growth of Paducah. @laneandkent was reminded of this on an early morning walk.



Sometimes, beauty is in the details. @mikecreagh1 shared this up-close shot from Market Square.



Paducahans love their parks! On a beautiful day, Noble Park is packed with walkers, runners, cyclists, fishermen and women, and children enjoying the playgrounds. @99no0orah reminds us why.



Along the floodwall, we come face to face with our past. When @jenneeferlynn92 took this photo, she blended the past with our future.



There is nothing like the feeling of coming home when you've been away. @chrisjoe89 shared this beautiful shot of flying into Paducah over the Ohio River.




Keep Instagraming Paducah!  And remember to use the hashtags #paducah & #paducahlife.





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