Jessica Perkins

Art At Work

2017 March/April

When a Paducah business is faced with blank walls and plain paint, what’s the logical next step? Paducah ART. 


Resurrecting Memories & Recreating The Old Country Store

2015 July/August

Until recently, sitting out front of the old general store, as one sipped on colas and argued politics, was a faint memory of Paducah’s not-so-distant past. Crystal and Martin Troutt are resurrecting those memories after bringing new life to a couple of once desolate lots in the Lower Town Arts District.


Mary Remy's Life Is A Feast For The Senses

2015 March/April

Life is a movement, an evolution from one place to another. Sometimes it takes us to better places, other times it delivers us to something that’s simply…different. For 27-year-old Mary Remy, life has been a migration from her birth in a midwestern Kansas town to her move to Paducah less than a year ago. 

Happy Anniversary!

2014 March/April Edition

Mention the Carson Center to Gavin Smith and his big, brown eyes light up almost as brightly as the lights on Broadway in New York City. Just nine years old, Gavin isn’t old enough to remember a Paducah without a performing arts center, but it would be difficult to find a bigger fan than Gavin of the programs and the staff who work there.


The Belle of the Wall

2014 March/April Edition

Bold, beautiful patterns, colors and lines. That’s what’s trending on the walls of Paducah’s most fashion-forward homes these days. A new product called Tempaper is taking the place of traditional wallpaper, eliminating much of the hassle that traditional wallpaper installation brings with it. Tempaper is also much easier to remove than the tedious process that standard wallpaper requires.


The Art of Math

2014 January/February Edition

Many children have followed in the footsteps of their fathers, but significantly fewer fathers have taken the lead from their children. 

A Handmade Holiday Treasure from the heart and hands of Maudine Buchanan

2013 November/December Edition

They Make You Feel Like Dancin’

2013 September/October Edition

Pieces of a Nation

Exclusive Online Content

Art From the Heart

2013 July/August Edition

Gay Speirbhain has traveled all over, in both location and imagination. A Tennessee native and 50-year resident of New Mexico, Gay has made a delightful addition to Paducah’s creative community. But don’t let her southern charm fool you. She offers something more than a pleasant chat on the front porch and a tall glass of lemonade. She is as colorful in her folk art as she is at enchanting audiences with the stories she tells about her life growing up in the south and tales of her adventures as an artist living out west. 


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