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Derreca Love: Turning lemons into lemonade and hard work into help for Paducah students

2013 July/August Edition

She may be only 10 years old, but Derreca Love is passionate about her business - her lemonade business, that is. Bored with the usual summer routine, Derreca decided to make a difference in the lives of other Paducah kids. Her goal with her lemonade business is to raise money to purchase school supplies for kids who need them.

Taking it to the Streets

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St. Paul Lutheran is "takin' it to the streets" with an off-site vacation bible school and a mission of community care and concern.

PTHS Class of ‘64 Reunion Enjoys 50 Years of Friendship

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The dreaded high school class reunion comes but once every few years. For classmates of Paducah Tilghman High School’s Class of 1964, reunions are neither dreaded nor are they only an obligation one has to fulfill. In fact, the class will celebrate its 50th year reunion in 2014 and they are already excitedly making plans for the week of the event.

Paducah Women Make an IMPACT

2013 Jan/Feb Edition

Jeanne Van Copenolle is no stranger to the devastating effects cancer takes on a person’s body and their family. She’s also no stranger to grief. Just after losing her brother to lung cancer, Jeanne’s husband, Joe, was diagnosed with stage one lung cancer. That was four years ago.


Like Father, Like Son

2013 Jan/Feb Edition


A tradition of academic leadership lives on

Cara Sims and company decided to make some noise about a silent killer

2012 Nov/Dec Edition

Many will remember Rosemary Crisp as a lively mother of six children and 17 grandchildren. They’ll remember her generosity and her zest for life. They’ll remember that she loved to shop and that she adored her family.


Lauren & Lacrosse

2012 Sept/Oct Edition

A diligent mom does her homework for the benefit of her son and a new game becomes part of the Paducah sports scene.



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