J.T. Crawford

Paducah Schools Introduce Innovation Hub

2019 January/February

An Education for LIFE

A Look at Paducah Public Schools’ Coming Innovation Hub


Wanderings: Hazel Kentucky

2019 January/February

Get More Out Of LIFE At The Library!

2019 January/February

If one were to pluck problems like weeds from the soil of life, exposing the unseen roots feeding the thorns above, ignorance would be exposed as the footing of most troubles. Knowledge, therefore, is the weeding tool needed to nourish a verdant and varied garden of the mind and soul. And the gardening sheds with the sharpest and most superior tools are our public libraries.


They Got Their Kicks on Route 66

2018 November/December

“Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.” —Jack Kerouac, On the Road


A Street By Any Other Number

2018 November/December

Numbering, as a way of naming streets, is a common and easy way to bring organization to the grid structure of most cities.


It's What The BUZZ Is All About

2018 September/October

From Foals to Farming

2018 September/October

Leashes & Love

2018 July/August

Diana Swinford knows how to manage people. For the past three decades, she worked in human resources, ensuring people were in the right places, making sure their needs were met. After a corporate restructuring in 2017, she found herself without a job. That’s when she decided to try a different species.


Paducah, A Bright Star on the Great Loop

2018 July/August

There is an indelible sense of adventure and exploration woven into the American spirit—and nothing speaks to that yearning quite like our waterways. We, like those who came before us, long to follow these inland river paths to discover what lies beyond.



2018 May/June

The massive concrete door closes behind Bruce Banner at the exact moment that evening begins on the surface! Then, just as it has happened so many times before…


…A startling change comes over the mild, scholarly scientist…


…And behold—the HULK!!!



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