J.T. Crawford

You Never Know What LIFE Will Bring You

2013 Jan/Feb Edition

“You never know what a day will bring. You never know what your life will bring, for that matter.”

The Winter of 1918

2013 Jan/Feb Edition

In the dark, morning hours of January 29, 1918, the sound of thousands of pounds of metal and ice shooting down the Ohio River shattered the quiet of the night in Paducah. The roar was deafening. It sounded as if the Great War itself had come to the quiet shore of this river town. It was heard as far away as Mayfield.

Student Noah Houser Talks Ag Class

2013 Jan/Feb Edition

Student Noah Houser shares his thoughts on Ag Class.

Student Laura Looney Talks Ag Class

2013 Jan/Feb Edition

Student Lauren Looney shares her thougths on Ag Class.

Student Alex Housman Talks Ag Class

2013 Jan/Feb Edition

Alex Housman shares her thoughts on Ag Class.

Creative Seasonal Sipping!

Exclusive Online Content

Winter is often the most disdained season of the year. Sure, Christmas is there at its onset, but it dissolves quickly, ducking and dodging down the back alleys of time as the icy air steps in. As I've heard one person comment, once the holidays are over, it's cold for no reason. We rejoice in spring, revel in summer, and celebrate autumn. We endure winter.


West Kentucky Wanderings: Fredonia Kentucky

2012 Nov/Dec Edition

We are posting this edition of West Kentucky Wanderings with heavy hearts for the people of Fredonia. The Blair-Wilson School, a symbol of the sense of preservation held by the town of Fredonia, burned overnight. May the sense of community, the value of the past, and the hopes of a bright future continue to uplift all those who put so much work into the retoration of Blair-Wilson.

Corvette Lovers, It's Time to Celebrate!

2012 July/August Edition

This week marks the 60th anniversary of the Chevrolet Corvette, the pinnacle and standard in American sports cars. Chevy recently unveiled the 60th anniversary Stingray, a model that is new and sleek yet with hints of its 1963 predecessor. 


Paducah in Instagram

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Everyone has a different perspective; different sets of eyes, experiences, and mindsets through which we view the world.


Now, more than ever, we have the opportunity to catch glimpses of the way others see life. Nearly everyone carries a digital camera at all times via cell phones. And, with apps like Instagram, immediately sharing what you see with friends and anyone else around the world is possible.

Staging A Comeback

2012 March/April Edition

What was gone with the wind may so on take a step back to the future. 


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