Lexy Gross

The Encore that Never Ends

2014 January/February Edition

When Mason Stewart and Jordan Lindsey stepped on the slick stage, colored lights flooding their surroundings, audience members screaming, cameras focused on their every movement—it took their breath away. It was exactly where they wanted to be, and the experience was life- changing.


Life is a Balancing Act

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Life is a balancing act.


During my three years at Murray State, this is a phrase I’ve become comfortable with, whether I welcomed it with open arms or not. 


Big Game Lives Up to Big Hype

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A new school, a new game, and a new generation of local football lore begins!


One point.


More Men Join Nursing Field as Stigma Starts to Fade

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Lexy Gross, a contributor to PADUCAH LIFE Magazine, has been selected as one of 17 national collegiate correspondents by USA TODAY. Here is one of her articles which recently appeared on the USA TODAY website.


Lexy Gross, The Tennessean

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