LIFE As A Paducah TEEN!

LIFE As A Paducah TEEN!

These are the best days of your life.


Parents proclaim it. Teachers tell students to take stock of it. Coaches hearken back to it on playing fields from the past. Advisors hasten to help college applicants appreciate it. Teens hear it from every side.


Every generation faces it—this idea that life just can’t get any better than spending four years making friendships that will last a lifetime, learning about yourself and the world you inhabit, making plans for a future that seems full of potential, and having the chance to delve into a myriad of personal possibilities that provide unlimited opportunity, if only for these four special years of high school.


In this edition of PADUCAH LIFE Magazine we decided to test the theory. And if our investigations are sound, (and of course they are), we’d have to conclude that at least the young people we spoke with on the following pages are living, breathing testaments to the philosophy that these are indeed, the best days of some very unique lives.


The Athlete: Wells Purdom


The Traveler: Olivia Sin


The Inventor: John Holtgrewe


The Entertainer: Jacob Weitlauf


The Future Leader: Jack Daniels


The Peacemaker: Hasaan Ali


The Film Buff: Hannah Hunt


The Problem Solver: Caleigh Propes


The Entrepreneur: Barton Christmas


The Volunteer: Ashley Dunn


The Recruit: Amiya Jones



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