LIFE Through a Different Lens

LIFE Through a Different Lens

Back at the very beginning of 2020, when cold, grey skies shrouded the sun day after day, blanketing our city in a typical, winter pall, we found a great deal of comfort in planning the late-spring edition of Paducah Life Magazine. An interesting aspect of putting this magazine together is that our hearts and minds are always partially in the future. We dwell on the joys to come. We saw bright sunny days—blossoms, blooms, and trees bursting forth in a dazzling, verdant display. We envisioned the city coming fully alive, awaking after a long, winter slumber, returning to the public events and activities we all cherish. 

We wondered how best to display the beauty of our city. That’s when we decided to ask you! The charm of Paducah is found not only in its places and events but also in how each of us adds to this kaleidoscope. We asked you to submit your photos—images that reflect your take on Paducah.

Little did we know that by the end of March, as we received and sorted images, that life would be radically different. Amid a worldwide pandemic, as businesses closed and events were cancelled, your photos took on a different meaning. They are joyful but also poignant in a way we would have never imagined. They set a cornerstone of joy deep within our hearts, helping us to cherish what is truly important. 

As it has been borne out over the past few months, difficulties often drive us to our true sources of joy. We hope that you too find a renewed sense of wonder in everyday life.

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Justine Klope

Vick Patel

Laranda Clemans

Phyllis Russell

Barbara Carloss

Ben Lawson

Chip Bohle

Cindy Jones

Clark Jarvis

Craig Gentry

Gayle Neal

Saburina Hodge

Stephanie Young

Amanda Burton

Paul Grumley

Wayne Garmon

April Bash

Macie Dowell

Russel Bash

Jim Ethridge

Mike Brewer

Debra Talbert

Sarah Farris

Donna Rodeghiero

Tina Owen
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