For A Few Minutes

2017 July/August

Thank You For READING

2017 May/June

Thank you for READING.


Makers Gonna Make!

2017 March/April

I am currently reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, Big Magic.


And I would most certainly entertain the idea of sharing its every page with you here if space, and copyright laws, would allow. So the best I can do in this arena is to recommend that you get one for yourself.


But I do want to share this bit of inspiration.

What Allen Took

2017 January/February

For The Love Of Their City, For The Love Of Their Fellowman

2017 January/February

Harvest - Home - Holidays

2016 November/December

“The greatest thing a human soul can do in this world is to see something and tell what it saw in a plain way,” wrote English art critic John Ruskin. “To see clearly is poetry, prophecy, and religion all in one”


The Many Faces Of A Place

2016 September/October

Reaching For The Stars

2016 July/August

On summer nights when I was growing up, I used to listen to the lady next door play the piano for hours. The best seat for those solitary concerts was my sister Jeanne’s bedroom, on the west side of the house that faced the sprawling porch of Mrs. L’s brooding Tudor.


The Things That Matter

Exclusive Online Content

As I sat in my pew on a February Sunday afternoon, I was witness to an insightful anecdote. The minister told a story about a small boy and his grandfather who, as they were strolling along a lonely stretch of ocean shoreline, found hundreds of stranded starfish left on the sandy beach to die. As the little boy encountered each one, he would gently pick it up and put it back into the rippling tide of the clear ocean water.

Is January 11th Paducah's Birthday?

Exclusive Online Content

Matt Jaeger, McCracken County Library Assistant


What do you think?


A birthday is defined as 1) the day of a person’s birth and 2) a day of origin. When you’re talking about people, that day is pretty easy to determine. When you’re talking about a town’s origin, however, perhaps the answer is a tad grayer. 



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