The Investment of Travel

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Several years ago the editor of MORE Magazine wrote, “I assess my savings in multiples of plane tickets.” She had emptied her checking account at the age of 30 to witness the wildebeest migration across the Serengeti before she died. That’s how young she was – she thought she had to act fast.


The Creation of the Moral/Relational Universe

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The argument won’t seem to go away; folks keep insisting that the Bible has to be science in order to be true while other people try to force relationships to fit scientific paradigms. I understand why—

About the House

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We all wander back to memories of childhood days when life was perhaps simpler but just as mystifying. Judy Milford wanders back to wonder about evenings in the henhouse.

This is Not Supposed to Happen

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It's not supposed to happen this way. F. Scott Fitzgerald said, "There are no second acts in American lives." I'm trying to prove him wrong.

Studying Our Past for the Sake of the Future

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The film 12 Years A Slave has started an important discussion about our country’s history with slavery. I am not an academic. I am not an expert. However, slavery is a part of my own story and it is a story I feel that I should share to continue the discussion that 12 Years A Slave began. 


On Baking Bread

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A cold winter day is the best time to bake some bread, says Kelsie Gray. Her idea of a good time includes milking goats, hanging out with her pet chickens Ada, Idabel, Floris, Corinne, and Waynoka, hunting for edible mushrooms, and, of course, baking bread. 

The Simple Life

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My sister suggested that I buy a subscription to a magazine called "Real Simple.”  Her son was selling them.


It was written for people like me, she said.  Full of organization tips for women looking to simplify life, she said.  Just what I needed, she said.


A Game Well Played

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David Lucht gives us an important way to look at the biggest "game" we all play—that of the lives we live out each day whoever we are, wherever we are. 

Life is a Balancing Act

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Life is a balancing act.


During my three years at Murray State, this is a phrase I’ve become comfortable with, whether I welcomed it with open arms or not. 


What I Hear About Education

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"As an old country judge, I know very little about education," writes Supreme Court Justice Bill Cunningham. "But I have friends—lots of them—who do. And no one is listening to them. Except me." 

Listen to the wise words of one educated country judge whose views about public education might just be . . . educational.


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