Spreading the Good News—About Cornbread!

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I'm usually the soft-spoken one. The young woman who goes with the flow and rarely expresses her opinion because tension and arguments and yelling tear my innards to shreds. But that is not the case when it comes to cornbread.


Why Travel?

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Sometimes the keenest insights get their start from simple questions.


On a recent vacation that included a trip to Mexico, my niece asked me straight out, "Why do you like to travel?"


My answer didn't seem adequate because it rehashed all the usual reasons; to seek change, to experience new things, etc.


Answered Prayers

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An answered prayer—that’s what I’m trying to write about but flawed Christian that I am, my first thoughts are of the unanswered prayers. Thirty-plus years ago I told my former college roommate and friend that I’d pray for her and I did, but not enough because she died.


I Believe

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I believe.


A few years ago during the Visitors Bureau’s painstaking quest to have Paducah become a UNESCO Creative City, a local editorial writer scoffed at the idea and commented that it would never produce any “tangible return.”


Tracks in the Snow

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After more than a week of living under a blanket of ice and snow, we can finally see the ground. The thaw has been been slow, and, for our area, that is unusual. Snow is not uncommon, but normally it melts within a day or so, and little is left to remind us of its presence. This frozen precipitation hung around for a while.


Women My Age

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As soon as my husband gets home, I bounce out the door wearing my compression workout pants that make my butt look younger and my freshly applied makeup. “She’s having an affair,” thinks husband.  “We’re having ice cream for dinner,” thinks son.  “I better find that Lady Gaga Pandora station,” thinks me as I speed off to the gym while giving the finger to my midlife crisis.  


A Heaping Helping of Holiday Cheer

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The cool temperatures have arrived and on a recent chilly morning when I turned on the gas to fry up some bacon, the warmth from the stove took me to another place in time.



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