Lisa Heine Hancock

Lisa Heine Hancock

A new job. A new husband. A new member of our Board of Contributors.

Lisa Heine Hancock A New Job, A New Husband, a New Member of our Board of Contributors Lisa Heine Hancock had always loved Paducah. However, like so many before her, it took time away to help her see how deep her devotion ran.


A Paducah native, Lisa graduated from Lone Oak High School in 1999 before going off to Murray State Univeristy. After a short tenure at the Paducah Sun, she moved to Memphis to work for St Jude’s Children Hospital.


“I was one of those who always thought I was going to have a big fancy job in a big fancy city!” Lisa recalls. However, four years spent far away from family and friends left Lisa longing for home.


“I’ve visited a lot of places and thought about moving to a lot of places but none were ever as comfortable as Paducah,” she says.


After finding a perfect fit for her skills at the United Way of Paducah, Lisa moved back in 2008. Still single from her days in Memphis, Lisa worried about tackling the Paducah dating scene.


“In a small town, everyone has someone they want you to meet!” she laughs.


On a blind date in 2011, Lisa did meet that special someone—another Paducah native in fact! They were wed in 2012. Lisa’s new husband, Assistant Commonwealth Attorney Seth Hancock, shares her love of Paducah.


“Paducah is underrated. This town has a lot to offer but just doesn’t appear that way on the surface. We have culture and we have diversity. Those are things you find in a big city and don’t expect to find here but they are,” Lisa says.


Just because she left the big city doesn’t mean Lisa has slowed down. She recently joined the team at Lourdes Hospital as the Marketing Coordinator. Lisa is also a member of The Charity League of Paducah and Broadway Methodist Church.



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