Living By Design

Living By Design

When two local doctors asked J. Patrick Kerr to design and build their Paducah home they had one request: clean, minimal design. No ornamentation allowed.


Kerr took that direction and created large open spaces, which presented some challenges during construction. He said there were some obstacles meeting seismic standards because of the spacious rooms, but he with research and reliable sources he overcame them.


Driving up to the egret-colored home the architectural philosophy is obvious— straight, clean lines greet you. The windows have gridded frames—a pattern you find throughout whether it’s the modern portico roofs, doors, or windowpanes.


Inside contemporary art is smartly scattered throughout the rooms; bright reds and blues contrast against the otherwise neutral but warm color scheme. The owners’ art even worked as an inspiration for Kerr. One of the home’s special features is a structural steel staircase with a crimson railing.


Kerr said the owners had already chosen many of their light fixtures, one standing out among the rest. In the dining room a fuchsia chandelier hangs above the dark, smooth table and chairs.


A tall stone fireplace anchors the high ceilinged living room. Both sleek chairs and angular couches circle the area creating a place to lounge and chat. A gridded wall of large square windows look out into the outdoor patio, bringing in plenty of natural light.


Outside, an immense swimming pool surrounded by an expansive patio graces the backyard. The still, cerulean water spills from the large pool into smaller ones that face several nooks perfect for hosting a few friends around a fire or reading a book together with children on a bench with plenty of cushions. In the yard there’s even a playground ready for the family’s kids to climb up and down on during the brisk spring and hot summer days ahead.


The home is just what the owners asked for: modern, sleek, and minimal with punches of saturated color pulled from the smart art pieces scattered throughout the ample rooms.





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