From the Editor - September 2019

2019 September/October

We Are All Stewards Of The Land

2019 May/June

The Importance of OUR Library

2019 January/February

Libraries are important. They always have been. They always will be. No matter what innovations beset us, be they printing presses, typewriters, computers, or holograms (maybe?), the idea behind libraries is ideas. And ideas will always save us.


Don't Discount the Moments

2018 September/October

Growing up on a farm isolated from access to any amenities other than a small town general store, patience is indeed a learned virtue.


Thank You For READING

2017 May/June

Thank you for READING.


The Art Of The Letter

2015 November/December

“A letter should be regarded not merely as a medium for the communication of intelligence,” advised an 1876 guide to the art of epistolary etiquette, “but also as a work of art.”


Last Christmas I ran across this quote in an essay on the lost art of letter writing, and I was inspired.



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I have a friend whose name is Cecil Neel.            


He is an auto repair mechanic.          


He is a super guy and a super mechanic.          


What I Hear About Education

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"As an old country judge, I know very little about education," writes Supreme Court Justice Bill Cunningham. "But I have friends—lots of them—who do. And no one is listening to them. Except me." 

Listen to the wise words of one educated country judge whose views about public education might just be . . . educational.

C’mon people now. Smile on your brother. Everybody get together. Try to love one another right now.

2013 July/August Edition

I believe in love. Because if you start weeding out people in your LIFE who don’t dress like you, speak like you, have the same pets you do, or deliver babies in the same way, you miss out on a LOT of really interesting, meaningful, and even loving relationships.

Simple Pleasures

Exclusive Online Content

Find a quite place and enjoy this guest commentary from Paducah’s Dr. William Renzulli, author, artist, and friend of Paducah Life.



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