Paducah’s Annual Wastelanders Art Exhibition

Paducah’s Annual Wastelanders Art Exhibition

Looking for something fun to do New Year's evening before you hit the big party? The Paducah Wastelanders, a group of regional artists who are either native or long time residents of the Paducah area will be hosting their 7th annual New Year’s Eve Art Exhibition of new artwork and celebration at the Yeiser Art Center in the Market House (2nd and Broadway) in downtown Paducah, Kentucky.


"We feel that it is important to support The Yeiser as it is Paducah's official city art facility. It is a great place place to host our 7th New Year's Eve party, since this is where most of us first met decades ago," says Kristi Hanson, one of the Wastelander artists. "We are honored to have this event at the Yeiser and showcase this great facility,which has for many years hosted fine artists' works for our community. Our New Year's Eve celebration has become part of the fabric of our community's New Year's Eve celebration."


The Opening exhibition and reception will be from 6:00 to 9:00 PM December 31, 2012. Also open January 2 – 4 and Jan. 7 – 11, 2014 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The reception is free and open to the public, and refreshments will be served. Music will be provided by Judy Bray.


In this New Year's Eve show, exhibiting Wastelanders will be David Brown, Mark Donham, Juanita Gilliam, Kristi Hanson, and Lanelle Mason. Pieces on display will include paintings, photograpmixed media, ceramics, assemblages, and sculptures. The Wastelanders proudly present guest artists Jane Bright, Susan French, and John Paul Henry who will also be exhibiting.


“Our exhibitions are always fun. We are excited about showcasing our guest artists, and we want to show the public that we are still working hard to produce new, relevant art work. This will be our 14th exhibition of new work in the last 7 years. We invite the public to come and share the early part of the New Year's Eve evening and get in the spirit for a new year – a fresh start" says Mark Donham, one of the exhibiting artists.


Long time Paducah musician Judy Bray will provide music. Ms. Bray provided music at the first Wastelanders exhibition in 2007. She is well known in town for her musical performances, in and out of church.


For more information contact Nancy and Kristi at Gallery 600, Paducah, KY > 270-442-1985 >

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