firm services

Mazzone Communications is a full-service agency incorporating expertise in all forms of integrated marketing. With audience fragmentation diluting accepted forms of electronic and print media, a client’s most effective means of reaching and stimulating its audience may come through public relations, direct marketing, promotional events, sponsorships and specialties as well as advertising.

And these days it is becoming a well-known phenomenon that you don’t have to amass a monstrous staff of high overhead insiders to get the job done. In fact, there is a major trend in our society, not only in the world of marketing, but across many business disciplines to “out-source” specific jobs and project elements.

We have at our disposal the artistic, photographic, media and research expertise of resources across the country. They are simply a phone call away. With a computer, phone, the web, we can access the skills of any marketing specialty that we might require. We have the world at our fingertips—right here in western Kentucky.