marketing considerations

Communications is the key. A sustained level of market awareness is the best
investment for the continued success of any company.

Corporate Identity Program
A consistent and recognizable “look” should always be associated with any public dissemination of information. This identifiable corporate signature helps to position the company in a positive light and provides significant recall as the logo and name become more pervasive in the market. This corporate identity generally includes the logo, designated typefaces, color treatments, positioning statements, communication formats,
stationery package, etc.
Profile Print Materials
A print profile of your company will provide information for the prospective user to fully under- stand the provisions of your product/service and its benefits to the prospective buyer. The for- mat of these pieces is determined upon detailed evaluation of the target market and end user. We would be involved in the concept, design, copy, photography, art- work, pre-press and production supervision from start to finish.
Public Relations
Consideration should be given to a planned distribution of selected news releases that focus on your company
and its features and benefits. These should be utilized on a scheduled basis and targeted to the selected media for greatest impact. This visibility is perceived as objective and credible
And it’s free.
Regularly Scheduled Communications
Some form of regularly scheduled communications device should be utilized to consistently inform your prospective users of the benefits, new developments, and changes at
your company.
Development of Mailing List
An effective and targeted mailing list should be developed for continual use in distributing pertinent communications.
Media Placement
To introduce your company and its services, consideration should be given to media placement after the initial marketing strategies have been determined. That assessment and definition of the target tmarkets will dictate the selection of media outlets and locations.
Trade Shows and Conferences
Utilizing the visibility at selected trade shows and conferences devoted to your industry will also provide an effective means of communications and
potential sales.
Web Presence and E-Blasts

Utilization of the web to profile the company and to
provide one-on-one contact will be a key component in the continual dissemination of information about your company. Periodic e-messages may also be a useful tool to reach
prospective users.