Serving Others, Finding Himself

2018 January/February

A Little Story About A Big Issue

2017 November/December

Making It On Music Row

2017 November/December

“It gets old dying ten times a day,” says Juan Contreras as he recalls his days working at Kaintuck Territory in the late 60s and early 70s in Marshall County. Juan, a Murray State student, was employed to portray a Native American at the American Old West theme park where he normally wound up on the wrong end of a gun on an hourly loop. “I had too much gravel in my face!”


Old Kentucky Tales

2017 November/December

For the uninitiated listener, a number of surprises await on the “Old Kentucky Tales” podcast. For one, the topics covered in each episode are thoughtfully spun out of the headlines of today. Brent Taylor is host, creator, and writer of the show. Each week, he and co-host Jason Donner offer a light-hearted and informative look back into the history and lore of the Commonwealth.


Something From Nothing

2017 November/December

Brothers of a Feather Flock Together

2017 November/December

America on a Whim

2017 September/October

Sometimes, Emily Morrow wants to do something big, something different—something that completely upends life for her and her husband. It’s a desire that has injected adventure into every phase of their marriage.


“Everything that we have ever done has been her idea,” Jason Morrow says. “And I’m just like, ‘Ok.’ There’s not a lot of discussion.”


Out For A Walk

2017 September/October

Frenchtown Station

2017 September/October

Rocket Man

2017 July/August


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