Picture This: The Best Of 2014

2015 January/February

As we eagerly enter into a new year, we pause to reflect on a beautiful one that has just past. We are immensely grateful to share the stories of the people, events, and places that make our river city so special. Along the way, we've documented those stories in a treasure trove of images that forever freeze in time this city's magic.


We gathered some of our favorites from the pages of PADUCAH LIFE Magaizne, posted them on our Facebook page, and asked for help in choosing the top ten. Here, we present the cream of the crop as chosen by our enthusiastic readers!


Jan/Feb  -  Glenn Hall



May/Jun  -  J.T. Crawford



Jan/Feb  -  Brad Rankin



Jul/Aug  -  J.T. Crawford



Jul/Aug  -  J.T. Crawford



Sept/Oct  -  Brad Rankin



Jul/Aug  -  J.T. Crawford



Jan/Feb  -  Fowler Black



Nov/Dec  -  Bob Shapiro



Sept/Oct  -  Ann Wurth





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