Sarah Stewart Holland

Studying Our Past for the Sake of the Future

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The film 12 Years A Slave has started an important discussion about our country’s history with slavery. I am not an academic. I am not an expert. However, slavery is a part of my own story and it is a story I feel that I should share to continue the discussion that 12 Years A Slave began. 


Insider's Guide to Barbecue on the River

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In 2012, we learned about the far-reaching expertise and the international attention of Shane Draper, owner of DBQ. So we asked the pro to offer up a little insight into the world of competitive BBQ. Here’s what we learned.


The Dog Days of Summer

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Here they are. The pooches of Paducah celebrating summer in all its glory!

Mayfair 2013

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On Tuesday, May 14, the Paducah Garden Club celebrated "100 Years of Growing" with the 2013 Mayfair event. The day began with a plant sale at the home of Hal and Debe Sullivan. Then, a sunlit luncheon was held in the garden of Jane and Oscar Gamble. Finally, Joe and Jeannie Framptom and Ted and Suzanne Borodofsky opened up their Barkley Wood homes for garden tours and a garden boutique. 

Enjoying the Quilt Show even if you're not a quilter!

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The annual American Quilter’s Society Quilt Show is a big part of LIFE in Paducah. Every year thousands of quilters from around the country and the world swarm the streets of Paducah to celebrate the art of quilting. However, the Quilt Show isn’t just for quilters and Paducah natives who avoid the Quilt Show are missing out!


Little Bitty Bites

2013 March/April Edition

Laura Duff and her team at Pampered Palate have long been the go to choice for premiere catering in Paducah. Now, our town's youngest citizens can taste the finest food from Laura and her kitchen with the launch of Bitty Bites, a new line of delicious and healthy baby purees.

Lisa Heine Hancock

2013 March/April Edition

A new job. A new husband. A new member of our Board of Contributors.

Coming Home

2013 March/April Edition

There's just no accounting for that pull to come back home!

Summer Camp for the SPORTS STAR

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Adventure Camp

Dates:  June 10-14, July 8-12

Ages: 4-12

Location: Rowton Tennis Center




Summer Camp for the BUDDING SCIENTIST

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Angry Bird Science Summer Camp

Dates:  July 15-19

Ages: 3rd grade - 6th grade

Location: Emerging Technology Center

Cost: $90




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