Shannon Vetter Releases First Solo Album: A Review

Shannon Vetter Releases First Solo Album: A Review

The name Shannon Vetter is so synonymous with music that it is nearly shocking to hear that his upcoming release, Rapid Cycle, is his first solo album. He's been associated with bands such as Solid Rock'it Boosters, Big Atomic, and Gideon's Rifle, but Rapid Cycle is such a personal album that these songs must bear his name alone.


Rapid Cycle is at its heart a blues album—not in terms of style but in heart. The first song, "Existential Blues," sets the tone lyrically and with its title. From there, we are taken on a baring-of-the-soul tour with Shannon as host. It is a therapeutic journey that can only come from singing out the differences between what is and what one wants things to be.


Musically, it begins with a solid but loose rock beat. From there, it eases into more of an actual blues/jazz sound, conjuring up images of dimly-lit back alleys whose only life slinks in the shadows of neon glints. From there, we hear moments of sad honky tonk and intimate acoustic pleadings. The genres may vary, but they blend together, forming a cohesive work of emotion.


Shannon's voice is one of authenticity, and Rapid Cycle is approachable both musically and lyrically. He communicates his own struggles, doubts, and insecurities, yet they are highly relatable, especially to those who tend to be more reflective. It is the kind of morose melancholy that does one good and acts as a balm to soul.


Rapid Cycle is set to be released on November 11. A release show will be held on November 19 at Paducah Beer Werks.


To hear the album's first single and video its video, click here

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