Sing A Song of Paducah Contest

Sing A Song of Paducah Contest

Love of home swells the heart. The people and places of our upbringing or our chosen land causes a soul stirring that is indescribable, yet we can all relate to how it feels.


The overflow of emotion easily spills into song. Borne out of abundance of affection, songs such as "New York, New York," "I Left My Heart in San Francisco," "America the Beautiful," and "Sweet Home Alabama" have touched millions, even if only because of their relatability. Locally, many easily shed tears via the sweeping sentiment of "My Old Kentucky Home."


Paducah has long moved the spirits of its inhabitants, even finding its own mentions in popular music. The city is certainly worthy of affection, and it is also worthy of our songs.


In celebration of the 25th Anniversary of PADUCAH LIFE Magazine, we are sponsoring SING A SONG OF PADUCAH, a music contest that endeavors to discover the quintessential Paducah song.


Submissions will be accepted through June 15. Paducah songs will be brought before a panel of local singer/songwriters who will select their top three favorites. We will then ask our readers to vote for the winner. The winner will receive $250 and will be featured in the July/August issue of PADUCAH LIFE Magazine


For those submitting songs, you must own the copyright to all components of the original work, or your arrangement must be in the public domain. Songwriters grant permission to PADUCAH LIFE Magazine and the City of Paducah to use the work for promotional use.


So explore the love for your city, express it in song, and go down in history!


Submit your music by emailing an MP3 or a link to Youtube or other applicable site where the song is located along with text of the lyrics to by June 15.

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