Student Noah Houser Talks Ag Class

Student Noah Houser Talks Ag Class

Student Noah Houser shares his thoughts on Ag Class.

1. What did you think of the ag program before you started taking the department courses?


I always had the misconception that you had to be a farmer to be in Ag classes; but since I have been involved in the program, I have learned that there are many different people involved in Ag, and you don't have to be a certain "type" to benefit from the program. In middle school, we toured the high school, and I knew immediately that I wanted to be a part of  FFA. There were students that were welding, making butter, caring for animals, and students working in the green house. I saw firsthand that there were many different opportunities and I knew that I wanted to be a part of it.  


2. Tell us what you like about being in the ag program.


My freshman year I was chosen to compete on the Parliamentary Team at Murray State University. It was an awesome experience for me.  This year I was also able to serve as soil judge for Racer Roundup and am currently holding the office of Sentinel.  The Ag program has given me many opportunities to experience agriculture at so many different levels. I have also always had a passion for hunting, and Ag has given me the opportunity to learn more about wildlife through the Wildlife Biology class that I am taking.  I love that I can be myself and have fun while learning.


3. Is there anything that surprised you? 


I was surprised that there wasn't a stereotype; there is a place for everyone in Ag. Our school offers many choices in Ag classes.  A few are: Wildlife Management (which is my personal favorite) as well as Ag Science, Animal Science, Green House and many more. I think our Ag department has grown substantially in the last few years because these are "hands on" classes and students all enjoy them very much.


4. How has the program influenced you in your future plans? How has it changed you? 


The program has offered me many opportunities to meet new people and to learn more about hunting and wildlife management. This could help me in my career life as well as my personal life. When students enjoy what they are learning about, it leaves a huge impression on them. It makes learning fun! 

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