Susie Fenwick

Once More, With Feeling

2016 November/December

Michele Len Venable doesn’t remember her father singing much but she loved it when he called out “Pennsylvania 6-500” with the rest of the boys in the band when they performed the swing era classic. Dropping the “O” in Olen and eliminating his surname, Martin, Olen Foster Martin, Jr. adopted the stage name Len Foster and became bandleader and the “boss” of the Len Foster Orchestra.

Going Bananas Again In The Twin Cities

2016 September/October

What do parents give children growing up in small rural twin cities straddling the Kentucky /Tennessee border who have everything? They give them a Banana Festival complete with a one-ton banana pudding as the centerpiece of the Grand Parade.


The Spoons In The Grass Are There To Dig A Moat

2016 March/April

Amelia Martens finds inspiration in the brief bits of time allotted a poet parent.


Necessity may be the mother of invention but for Amelia Martens, the mother of two small children, necessity was the mother of creativity.


All In Good Taste

2016 January/February

Connie Overstreet wants only the best for her "boys."


After a day job she loves as Director of Physician Recruitment at Lourdes Hospital, she spends her evenings lovingly baking treats made of the freshest, healthiest ingredients for her little guys.


What Little Girls Are Made Of, Part II

2015 March/April

Kimberly Yates drops the names Crypts and Bloods and Mexican Mafia like a Southern socialite drops the names Chi Omega and Kappa Delta. She adorns herself with bold tattoos like a genteel lady wears strings of subtle heirloom pearls. 

Iron & Axe

2015 March/April

While many lament the general decline of craftsmanship, Shannon McMahan sees evidence of resurgence among people his age and counts many craftsmen with varied skill sets as friends. A salesman for a medical supply company, Shannon has been associated with the medical industry since becoming a medical technician at the age of 18. 

What Little Girls Are Made Of, Part I

2015 January/February

In the case of Kimberly Yates it wasn’t sugar and spice or much that was nice. It was more like survival of a childhood bloodied by crime and calamity. Part I of a two-part series by Susie Fenwick.


The Nature Of Imagination

2015 January/February

To the eyes of the woman of imagination, nature is imagination itself


“Everything has a story and the next story is waiting to be told and you decide if you want to be part of it,” believes Kijsa Housman.


The Family Tree

2014 November/December Edition

There once was a family farm out between Kevil and Gage where memories were sown and work ethics cultivated. Oakley and Bill Bondurant raised their sons on that piece of land and in turn their sons raised families on the farm.


Dressing the Part

2014 November/December Edition

“I give props to anyone who doesn’t consider themselves creative but attempts to create anyway,” says former costume designer Alex Scibetta Quigley who looks more the part of a glamorous leading lady than the seamstress working magic behind the scenes.



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