Teen Takeover – The Athlete: Wells Purdom

Teen Takeover – The Athlete: Wells Purdom

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The Athlete Wells Purdom McCracken County High School Wells Purdom hates to lose. “I probably hate losing more than I love winning,” says the 18-year-old McCracken County High School Senior. At 6’2 and 304 pounds, Wells says he can be bigger and better, not because he isn’t happy with this year’s accomplishments, but because he is constantly striving to do more.


Wells was recently named “All WKC” by the Western Kentucky Football Conference and picked by USA Today as one of the top 50-football high school prospects in the state. These highlights haven’t blinded Wells to what is important, while he says the recognition reaffirms that hard work pays off, he refuses to be complacent.


“I couldn't have won that award without my team and coaches,” says Wells.


The teen athlete plays basketball as well but finds a special affinity for football. “ With football I connect on so many levels because it's all about the team and not the individual,” says Wells.


Wells plays center on the defensive and offensive lines in football and center position in basketball. He also plays center position in the eyes of his classmates as he was named Mr. MCHS. The honor student says he tries to be a leader in everything he does, on and off the field.“


Studies always come first. That's why I'm called a student athlete and not an athlete student. Work hard, play hard!” says Wells.


As Wells continues to take his training seriously to prepare for his collegiate football career at the University of Kentucky, he is wavering on whether or not business and marketing will be his academic focus.


He seems to have a knack for raising money already though. The teen helped to bring in more than $3,000 dollars for the local Special Olympics and football program.


Wells says both his coach and father are his role models.


“I see them always working long hours and doing the extra things to be the best and I want that same drive to be successful and bring money home to my family…their hearts are bigger than any other person I have seen,” says Wells. In all his activities, Wells has ostensibly taken on yet another center position—as role model uncle for his sister’s new baby boy.



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