Teen Takeover – The Film Buff: Hannah Hunt

Teen Takeover – The Film Buff: Hannah Hunt

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Hannah Hunt has gone to see movies at Paducah’s Maiden Alley Cinema since she was a little girl, and now at 17, she is a member of the theater’s Teen Scene, a board made of city and county high school students.


Right now she is most excited about helping with an event at Maiden Alley that will showcase art from other teenagers like her at the theater.


Hannah has always been interested in art, whether playing the piano or being involved in musical theater like the Paducah Tilghman productions of Shrek and Cinderella. She has always paid close attention to the nitty-gritty details of movies and loves it when she spots a symmetrical shot, making the kitschy Wes Anderson one of her favorite film directors.


Hannah has written for The Tilghman Bell, winning awards for some of her film and music criticism. But the arts aren’t Hannah’s only interest. She’s a fan of sports as well. Hannah has shone on the soccer field and tennis court, and continues to play through her senior year. She even meets up every Thursday at a community center to play.


After graduating, Hannah is going to study music business and audio engineering at Belmont in Nashville. She’s excited to pursue one of her several passions—music—and interact with people on a daily basis.


Nashville is an exciting move, especially for someone like Hannah who’s interested in independent movies and art. But she said she’s still glad to call Paducah home and loves the city’s culture.


“It’s kind of hard growing up in a small town being a little bit different, but I love Paducah,” she said. “It’s really grown in the past couple of years. I love downtown. I love just taking my dogs on walks downtown.”


When she’s not at school Hannah said you can often find her at Etcetera Coffeehouse since she’s there almost every day and, of course, watching the many movies at Maiden Alley Cinema.



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