Teen Takeover – The Traveler: Olivia Sin

Teen Takeover – The Traveler: Olivia Sin

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Being "Instafamous” is in the past for 17-year-old Olivia Sin. While her 52,000 Instagram followers might beg to differ, the McCracken County High School junior says she has more important things to do now than manage a site she started when she was in 7th grade. The account was created as a tool to help Olivia master photo manipulation and as interest in editing seemed to grow in the online community so did a fascination in Olivia’s skills. Instagrammers from around the world began following her adventures.


“I remember people used to call me “ Instafamous” and would recognize me around Paducah—it was honestly the weirdest but coolest feeling. As I went into high school I had less time for this minor hobby and eventually grew out of it,” says Olivia.


Who wouldn’t be interested in following the life of a young teen that has travelled extensively so early in life? Olivia’s ambitious worldly aspirations are perhaps in her blood. Although Olivia is a Paducah native her mother is from China and her father is from Laos.


“I’ve always loved traveling, no matter if it’s to another state or country. I believe that experiencing new adventures is what life is about! Exploring is honestly one of my biggest joys in life. Trips to New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and Hawaii were for family vacations. Trips to Europe and Puerto Rico were opportunities that my school offered,” says Olivia.


Olivia believes that if an opportunity presents itself a person should take it.


"My parents have always wanted me to become more involved in opportunities because they grew up in poverty and in countries where there weren’t as many prospects to become successful,” says Olivia.


Olivia is currently active in piano and dance and is also bilingual in English and Cantonese. Olivia hopes to continue to expand her language skills as a member of the Spanish Honors Society.


This young teen is a leader amongst her peers because she says she has a mindset to motivate others as well as herself. Olivia plans to attend the University of Kentucky, along with her two siblings, and pursue a career in the medical field where she hopes she can create more opportunities to help others.


"Aside from that, I just hope to be genuinely happy!” says Olivia.



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