Teen Takeover – The Volunteer: Ashley Dunn

Teen Takeover – The Volunteer: Ashley Dunn

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Ashley Dunn’s most precious contribution is her time and that’s because she has so little of it. Whether its volunteering, presiding over the Spanish club, competing in soccer, softball, or an art competition, you can be sure that this 17-year-old St. Mary High School senior allocates her hours strategically. This young teen excels at whatever she puts her mind to and once she has something in her sights, watch out, because her determination is not for the faint of heart. As Ashley repeatedly finds herself being tapped by her teachers for leadership roles, she takes pause to reflect on what it means to be a leader.


“I always stand firm in my beliefs, and I stand up to those who may have treated my friends or family badly. I'm always trying to be abetter example for others and I try to be respectful to everyone,” says Ashley.


The young teen has more than 90 service hours of volunteering with organizations like the Cassidy’s Cause Therapeutic Riding Academy, the Kare 4 Kids Foster Children Christmas Party, and a number of other groups.


“Every year since I was in about the fifth or sixth grade I have volunteered for the Kare 4 Kids program. For a day, I spend time with a child who doesn't have a family to spend Christmas with. I love volunteering for this program because of the smiles you see on their faces, and often times I make new friendships,” says Ashley.


Balancing schoolwork and service isn’t easy. Yet, Ashley has maintained a 4.03 GPA and received accolades in both soccer and softball. When she has time to do something a bit more relaxing, like draw water fowl for instance, she manages to take home first and third place awards in art competitions like the state Duck Stamp contest.


“I am most proud of receiving the 110% award for soccer my sophomore year since it shows that I am very hard-working and I always give my best effort, “ says Ashley.


Ashley credits her parents for her determination and strong will. She hopes that by pursuing a degree in physical therapy/biology at Murray State University she can provide that same support to other families in the future.



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