Todd Ford

Memories In Movies

2015 September/October

Wes Houser often takes short strolls during work breaks. He moves along at a steady pace, finding solace among the sights and sounds of downtown Paducah. But one building usually makes him stop in his tracks.


At The Crossroads

2015 January/February

So, what do you do?


The more than common question regarding one's career is a main staple of interrogation when getting to know a person.


If you are getting to know Justin Reed, the answer may not come easily. His Paducah-based business Crossroads is so diverse that at first glance it is hard to get a full grasp of what he does.


A Passion For Pizza

2015 January/February

Passion is a member of the household of destiny. It is an inescapable love that drives, defines, and molds a life into work of art. For Terry Anderson, it comes topped with cheese and pepperoni.


Terry's passion is pizza. And his life's work, his destiny, has fed Paducahans some of tastiest pies around for 25 years.


Preserving The Past For The Future

2015 January/February

"We don't just think about yesterday, today, or tomorrow. We think in terms of eternity," says Jim Sanders of the Mt. Carmel Cemetery board of directors as he stands on the cemetery's windswept hill, surveying the markers.


"And what we do today needs to advantage whoever is looking after this place fifty, a hundred, two hundred years from now."


Stories From the USS Paducah

2014 September/October Edition

In 2012, PADUCAH LIFE Magazine brought you Dr. Rob Robertson's story of the USS Paducah, the US Navy gunboat that bore the name of our city while serving during both World Wars.


The story eventually made its way to Randall Haines, great grandson of Frank Gibble, a seaman who spent a year of his life aboard the vessel.

Becoming Superman

Exclusive Online Content

When Superman Celebration organizers searched for an official Superman in 2008, they knew whomever they chose would have some pretty big shoes to fill. We are talking about THE Man of Steel. A person whose integrity and personality should be as strong as the pects supporting the iconic S shield on the chest of the costume.


Truth, Justice, & the Metropolis Way

2014 May/June Edition

Five year old Nathan's excitement level is at a fever pitch. He's costumed, head to toe, as his hero, Superman. He walks hand in hand with his dad, smiling and surveying a host of others dressed as their favorites. There goes Batman, looking both ways before crossing the street. On the corner stands Captain America, posing for a photo with eager fans. There's a Spiderman funnel cake in hand, strolling in the distance.

The Pied Piper of Paducah

2014 May/June Edition

It was one of those brilliant, sparkling, spring days in Paducah. You know, the kind where you slide on your shades, roll the car windows down, and turn the radio up a few more notches.


Biscuits, Gravy, & Fellowship

2014 March/April Edition

The landscape around Fountain Avenue was largely undeveloped countryside in 1908. The Paducah trolley made its last stop nearby before heading back into town. A scant number of new homes dotted the area. And on an early spring day, the cornerstone was set for a new church building. Despite it's location, nearly 3,000 people witnessed the event.


P is for Paducah: B is for the Mayor's Book Club

2013 May/June Edition

The rotunda at Paducah's City Hall is normally a fairly quiet place on Wednesday mornings. Outside of a few faint voices and the occasional footsteps traveling between offices, the air is calm and still. Early one Wednesday morning in April, however, a child's voice could be heard. "A is for the arts. We love the arts in Paducah because they make our town distinctively creative!"


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