Welcome to our World!

Welcome to our World!

Genevieve Postlethwait joins PADUCAH LIFE Magazine as Associate Editor.

Writer and editor Genevieve Postlethwait hails from many-a-military base and is all too familiar with the sight of moving boxes (she’s made moves to four countries and eight cities in her 23 years thus far), but in Paducah she’s finally found a town she’d like to call home.


Genevieve graduated with honors and a BA in journalism from Indiana University Bloomington. In addition to journalism, she majored in international relations with a focus on China, a focus that resulted from a fantastic religions of the East class she took on a whim one semester. She studied abroad in Beijing and loved it so much that she returned to China after graduation to teach English for a year. She still dreams in Chinese sometimes, has cravings for changfen, and can’t help but say aiya!!! when frustrated.


“I was amazed at how quickly I felt at home in China, and how at the same time, living there always kept me on my toes,” she said. “Something as simple as shopping could become an adventure of epic proportions!” While in China, she traveled and explored every chance she could. When she returned to the states, she realized that in a year and a half she’d seen more of China than she had of her own country, even with all the military moves. Before she returns to China to visit her “Chinese family,” she’s determined to see more of the US. This way, she can be a proper tour guide when her Chinese friends visit the states – starting with Paducah, of course!


Genevieve lives in downtown Paducah with her two furry feline roommates George and Harry Bailey, not too far from her wonderful little brother and mother in Murray. She sometimes goes by other names, such as Genny, or Postal Anya, the latter of which is a roller derby moniker she hopes to dust off and roll with again soon. She’s known she wanted to be a writer ever since her first hand-illustrated book received critical acclaim in Mrs. Waldrop’s 3rd grade class, and she’s beyond excited to finally make that dream a reality as part of the Paducah Life Magazine editorial team.

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