Welcome to Paducah: An American Burger Town

Welcome to Paducah: An American Burger Town

The word HAMBURGER is distinctly German. The HAMBURGER SANDWICH is wholly American.


The worldwide belief is that the preferred diet in the United States consists of burgers and Coca-Cola. And perhaps they are correct. McDonalds alone sells more than 75 hamburgers every second. Some of the best burgers are from locals—those who have been cooking the American classic for decades as well as newcomers who are putting their own spin on tradition.


Burgers speak of home, comfort, friends, and family. That's why we chose to re-imagine the famous Norman Rockwell painting "The Runaway" on the cover of our summer Burgers & Buddies issue. G&O Pharmacy Grill is about as Rockwellian as it gets. People have been meeting for years over burgers at this Paducah landmark, and it is a living testament to our love for burgers and good times.  


The cover models fit perfectly as well.  Susan, the grill cook, has been at G&O for eleven years. Before that, she honed her craft at Skinhead's for 28 years. Brian Krueger is a Captain with the Paducah Police Department, and he is seated next to his son Keaton. The scene is more than just a restaging of an iconic image. It is something that commonly occurs at G&O and other famous buger joints around Paducah.


We asked you about your favorite Paducah burger joints, and we received an enthusiastic and overwhelming response! You are just as passionate about eating a good burger as those who create them. While we couldn't include every restaurant mentioned, we can give you a rundown on some of the burger places mentioned most often. Welcome to Paducah, an American burger town.


G&O Pharmacy Grill




Bob's Drive In


Parker's Drive In


The Station Burger Co.



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