Whitney Jones

Living By Design

2015 May/June

When two local doctors asked J. Patrick Kerr to design and build their Paducah home they had one request: clean, minimal design. No ornamentation allowed.


Spreading the Good News—About Cornbread!

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I'm usually the soft-spoken one. The young woman who goes with the flow and rarely expresses her opinion because tension and arguments and yelling tear my innards to shreds. But that is not the case when it comes to cornbread.


The creativity of Barton Christmas will blow you away!

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While many teenage boys play video games or do yard work to earn extra cash, Barton Christmas uses his time and talents making balloon animals for parties and other special events. 


Master, Apprentice Make Bentwood Willow Chairs

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In a small workshop filled with tree limbs, Justin Roberts bends, hammers and pieces together chairs made from willow wood. He has been fascinated with willow furniture since his childhood, but little did he know that George Beard, the man whose willow furniture shop he often passed, would one day be teaching him the trade.

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