Celebrating The Legacy of WKCTC’s Janett Blythe

by | Dec 7, 2023 | People

Paducah Life Magazine | Honoring Janet Blythe

We all owe much of who we are to those leading figures in our lives who gently imprint themselves and their positive qualities onto our own personalities. The community recently celebrated one such leader whose professional sphere of influence radiated throughout local academia and the region at large.

Janett Blythe, Director of Marketing and Communications at West Kentucky Community and Technical College, announced her retirement this year after 30 years of leading higher education marketing.

A graduate of Randolph Macon College and the University of Florida, Janett worked eight years as a reporter and columnist with The Paducah Sun before joining what was then West Kentucky Technical College (WKTC) in 1993. WKTC and Paducah Community College consolidated in 2003 to form today’s WKCTC, and Janett led the charge to market the newly created institution.

At a recent retirement ceremony, her leadership was evident as marketing professionals and leaders, all of whom she influenced on their career paths, celebrated her career. At the event, Janett was named a Duchess of Paducah by Mayor Pro Tem Sandra Wilson. She also received the Bryan L. Armstrong Communications Award presented by Brady Shultz from the KCTCS system. The award recognizes those who have dedicated a significant amount of energy to promoting KCTCS, have pioneered marketing methodologies, and have championed marketing at KCTCS.

“I first met Janett when we were talking about consolidation,” said WKCTC President Emeritus Barbara Veazey. “I was Dean of Academic Affairs at PCC, and she was at WKTC. We moved into Carson Hall together, and we saw one another nearly every day for 14 years. Janett, you did everything to promote this college, and your imprint is all over this college and will be for a long, long time. People love you for your work, but more importantly, they love you for who you are.”


“Janett Blythe has provided extraordinary service to the college and as an important support to me as president by having a critical role in honing the branding, supporting the vision, and archiving the history of the consolidated college,” said Dr. Anton Reece, President of WKCTC.

Additionally, Janett’s influence will live on through three books she authored about the history of the college and through the Donald and Kevin Blythe Memorial Fund, a scholarship for black or surgical technology students. Janett established the fund after the passing of her two brothers.

We, at Paducah Life Magazine, have worked with Janett throughout her career and cherish that long-standing association. We wish Janett ALL THE BEST in the days that lie ahead!

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