Remembering the Tornado

2013 July/August Edition

Ralph Cooper will sit on the sidelines but remember the gridiron of days gone by at the 100th playing of the Tilghman/Mayfield football game this fall.      


Ralph Cooper expected to help the Tilghman football team make it three wins in a row over Mayfield on Turkey Day, 1944.     


More Men Join Nursing Field as Stigma Starts to Fade

Exclusive Online Content

Lexy Gross, a contributor to PADUCAH LIFE Magazine, has been selected as one of 17 national collegiate correspondents by USA TODAY. Here is one of her articles which recently appeared on the USA TODAY website.


Lexy Gross, The Tennessean

Scouts salute “broad stripes and bright stars”

2013 July/August Edition

You may have seen them recently on Flag Day. Or, maybe you saw them out and about on Memorial Day. Regardless of when or where it might be, it’s hard to miss the teams of Boy Scouts from Troop 1 that place 153 American flags in local yards of those who participate in the U.S. Flag Holiday Fundraiser.

Art From the Heart

2013 July/August Edition

Gay Speirbhain has traveled all over, in both location and imagination. A Tennessee native and 50-year resident of New Mexico, Gay has made a delightful addition to Paducah’s creative community. But don’t let her southern charm fool you. She offers something more than a pleasant chat on the front porch and a tall glass of lemonade. She is as colorful in her folk art as she is at enchanting audiences with the stories she tells about her life growing up in the south and tales of her adventures as an artist living out west. 

H.O.R.S.E.S. Saddle up for an inspiring ride!

2013 July/August Edition

Brandon Holder’s team of volunteers helps him out of the wheelchair and positions him on Cappy, the horse he will ride today. It takes a wide Velcro strap and a back brace to hold Holder in place. The 19-year-old, who deals with arthrogryposis, a rare congenital disorder characterized by stiff joints and abnormally developed muscles, has a smile the size of Texas on his face. Holder, who loves all things horse-related, comes to Carson Park every week from Benton to ride with H.O.R.S.E.S. The non-profit group “Helps Others Reach Success using Equine Services.” Joy and Bill Winebarger launched this therapeutic riding program in 2005.

A House, a History, a Closet Full of Life Lessons

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If living in surroundings that resembled the magical winter forest in the classic, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe was the only unique characteristic of my seasonal childhood memories of the family farm, then perhaps the houses at 6601 Old U.S. Highway 60 were nothing exceptional. But it wasn't. We had the intriguing wardrobes as well.


Around the World with Hunter Watkins

2013 July/August Edition

Quick! What is the capital of Bhutan? What is the monetary unit of Estonia? What is the largest religious group in Monaco? Ok, how many did you get right? Now imagine going through that drill on a stage in front of thousands of people, TV cameras, and Alex Trebek. For most, it sounds like the makings of a bad dream. For Paducah teen Hunter Watkins, it was the culmination of a passionate pursuit as he competed at the National Geographic Bee in May.

Growth is Slow, but Business is Booming!

2013 July/August Edition

Growth is slow at Louis Davis's business. For most, that would sound bad. But for Louis, that's just the nature of things. Business itself is booming. It's his product that has a rather lackadaisical temperament. Louis owns Paducah-based Plant Oddities, a part time hobby that quickly turned into a full time job.


Welcome to Paducah: An American Burger Town

2013 July/August Edition

The word HAMBURGER is distinctly German. The HAMBURGER SANDWICH is wholly American.


Paducah Burgers - Parker's Drive In

2013 July/August Edition

"This is the family dynasty," says Paul Parker as he thinks about his family's business and why we came back to Paducah after nearly two decades in Lexington. "I came back to carry that forward." The dynasty he refers to is Parker's Drive-In, a Lone Oak mainstay and hamburger haven.



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