Bloom Where You Are Planted

2017 May/June

New Music From Chris Black

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Design Destiny

2017 March/April

As Shane Mastera grew up in Murray, Kentucky, his mother was designing and crafting a future that would take them to places they never imagined. Judith, an art major, had been selling jewelry and even owned a shoe store at one point. Then, she began designing clothes on a whim, naming her clothing line Shane Lee after her two sons.


Feeding The Masses

2017 March/April

The Blackwell House of Couture

2017 March/April

Valentino. Lauren. Blackwell. No, not Richard Blackwell the former fashion designer of the 60s. Roby Blackwell, the Paducah fashion designer of the future.


Even his name is stylized. (It’s pronounced Robbie but his Mom determined the spelling had to work with his brothers’ names of Ryan and Ross—you know, four letters long.)


The Vine That Ate The South

2017 March/April

Adjacent a busy, Western Kentucky highway, resides a forgotten memory—a true ghost town. Obscured by trees and undergrowth, passersby are scant aware of its existence, let alone its former significance.


Roll Out The Barrel!

2017 March/April

"It's the coolest thing a whiskey fan could possibly do," said Paducah Bourbon Society President Brian Shemwell shortly after departing the Jim Beam distillery. He, along with other members of the society, had selected a single barrel of Knob Creek bourbon and followed it as it was processed and ultimately bottled.


The Spirit Of Giving

2017 March/April

The Smile Station

2017 January/February

Within the life of a community, there are places that provide the punctuation for its narrative. They give us a sense of comfort and neighborhood and provide definition to home. One such defining place in Reidland sat at the intersection of Reidland and Benton Roads.


The State Of Policing: Leading With Certainty In Uncertain Times

2017 January/February


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