What Little Girls Are Made Of, Part II

2015 March/April

Kimberly Yates drops the names Crypts and Bloods and Mexican Mafia like a Southern socialite drops the names Chi Omega and Kappa Delta. She adorns herself with bold tattoos like a genteel lady wears strings of subtle heirloom pearls. 

Iron & Axe

2015 March/April

While many lament the general decline of craftsmanship, Shannon McMahan sees evidence of resurgence among people his age and counts many craftsmen with varied skill sets as friends. A salesman for a medical supply company, Shannon has been associated with the medical industry since becoming a medical technician at the age of 18. 

Mary Remy's Life Is A Feast For The Senses

2015 March/April

Life is a movement, an evolution from one place to another. Sometimes it takes us to better places, other times it delivers us to something that’s simply…different. For 27-year-old Mary Remy, life has been a migration from her birth in a midwestern Kansas town to her move to Paducah less than a year ago. 

Moms On The Move

2015 March/April

They come from every “walk” of life—from healthcare, public relations, catering, education, administration. They span a generation. Between them they have 12 children ranging in age from newborn to 22. They live in town and out in the country. 

Hope By Design

Exclusive Online Content

Saunie Rothwell of Saunie Rothwell Interior Design is bringing a new element to design at this weekend’s Charity League Bargain Fair: heart.


What Little Girls Are Made Of, Part I

2015 January/February

In the case of Kimberly Yates it wasn’t sugar and spice or much that was nice. It was more like survival of a childhood bloodied by crime and calamity. Part I of a two-part series by Susie Fenwick.


Sing A Song Of Success

2015 January/February

If you’re ever discussing the amazing achievements of vocal students with Paducah Tilghman High School choral director Matthew Hinz, the names Jailon Chism and Blake Denson are sure to come up. Both former PTHS students, Jailon and Blake are now freshmen at the University of Louisville and University of Kentucky, respectively.

Visions & Viewpoints

2015 January/February

Scott Darnell

Executive Director

Paducah Economic Development


Through multiple degrees, professional certifications, years of career experience, and most importantly my role as a husband and father, what is the most important thing I’ve learned so far? I’ve learned that you should always LISTEN.

Cory Roof's Prolific Palate

2015 January/February

Paducahan Cory Roof isn't completely accustomed to his newfound notoriety and fame. But he's gleefully learning to adjust. The 27 year-old lived a mostly quiet life out of the public eye; that is until he embarked on a mission and became well-known for a single activity: eating.


At The Crossroads

2015 January/February

So, what do you do?


The more than common question regarding one's career is a main staple of interrogation when getting to know a person.


If you are getting to know Justin Reed, the answer may not come easily. His Paducah-based business Crossroads is so diverse that at first glance it is hard to get a full grasp of what he does.



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