Many Are Happy That Happy's Is Back!

2015 May/June

On a pristine, early spring day in Paducah, there emerges a sound that has been noticeably absent in recent years on North 12th Street. Lively conversation and laughter swirl about a group of friends, some old, some new. Their merriment lingers for just a moment before racing through the propped-open door and across the sidewalk to the street in front of Happy's Chili Parlor.


Caretaker, Coach, Consultant ... Dad

2015 May/June

Terri and Chris Myskowski's hearts flowed over with newfound love when they were blessed with the birth of their first child, a daughter. The contented little trio did not know what the future held, nor did it seem to matter.


Kijsa Housman will MAKE downtown Paducah an even more creative place

2015 March/April
When you meet Paducah artist Kijsa (pronounced keesa) Housman, there is only one adjective that paints the prose canvas of her dynamic personality: energetic. While such an apt descriptor may be only one of several you could use to describe Kijsa, energy is certainly a trait sustains her compulsive creativity. “It’s almost an inherent part of me. I have to create,” Kijsa explains. “All I’ve ever known is being a professional artist,” she says.

Toying Around At Etcetera

2015 March/April

Allan Rhodes, owner of Etcetera Coffeehouse in Paducah, has a 1962 red and white Volkswagen Westfalia Camper that he personally built with one of his baristas. It boasts an attractive interior with booth seats and a foldout table. It even pays homage to 1960s decor with a green lava lamp. 

Local Legoland

2015 March/April

A strange world exists in a back room of Aloha Pools & Spas in Paducah. It encompasses a city street, the Taj Mahal, the Eiffel Tower, the London Bridge, the Millennium Falcon from the Star Wars movie franchise and more. 

What Little Girls Are Made Of, Part II

2015 March/April

Kimberly Yates drops the names Crypts and Bloods and Mexican Mafia like a Southern socialite drops the names Chi Omega and Kappa Delta. She adorns herself with bold tattoos like a genteel lady wears strings of subtle heirloom pearls. 

Iron & Axe

2015 March/April

While many lament the general decline of craftsmanship, Shannon McMahan sees evidence of resurgence among people his age and counts many craftsmen with varied skill sets as friends. A salesman for a medical supply company, Shannon has been associated with the medical industry since becoming a medical technician at the age of 18. 

Mary Remy's Life Is A Feast For The Senses

2015 March/April

Life is a movement, an evolution from one place to another. Sometimes it takes us to better places, other times it delivers us to something that’s simply…different. For 27-year-old Mary Remy, life has been a migration from her birth in a midwestern Kansas town to her move to Paducah less than a year ago. 

Moms On The Move

2015 March/April

They come from every “walk” of life—from healthcare, public relations, catering, education, administration. They span a generation. Between them they have 12 children ranging in age from newborn to 22. They live in town and out in the country. 

Hope By Design

Exclusive Online Content

Saunie Rothwell of Saunie Rothwell Interior Design is bringing a new element to design at this weekend’s Charity League Bargain Fair: heart.



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