A Little Boy's Dream Became A Man's Singular Train Of Thought

2015 November/December

As a young boy growing up in the 50’s, fall was always exciting because the Sears Christmas catalogue would arrive around October 15. It included the most popular toys available that ranged from a few dollars to nearly $100. I always wanted a Lionel electric train but they were so expensive - $68.00.


Huge Happiness On A Small Scale

2015 November/December

Trains elicit a spirit of magic, enchanting within us our innate love of exploration and freedom. Bill Harris witnesses the love of trains every day. As owner of Classic Trains in Paducah, he deals in locomotive nostalgia of the minor scale.


Barbara & Dawn Conjure Up A Harry Halloween

2015 September/October

New Life for an Historic Building. New Southern Cuisine for Downtown Paducah

2015 September/October

Sara Bradley Has Come Home To Her Roots.


An Award For An Illuminating Work

2015 September/October

John Romang creates magic on Plexiglas acrylic sheets—he drops bright hues of ink and resin onto these surfaces and watches them blend and bend and swirl. Now, they have won him an award.


Beads of Courage

2015 September/October

When Kerie Crawford turned 40, she didn't give the number much thought. An active cyclist, a lover of travel, and always young at heart, she anticipated no major changes to her lifestyle just because of age.


From Performance To Performer

2015 September/October

Some of us know Craig Carter as a consummate, education professional dedicated to improving the performance of academics in the state. As the KEA Director for Kentucky's first district, he spends his weekdays in the halls and offices of our school systems, assessing and fixing problems, moving the education of our children forward.


Smoke, Sauce, & Solidarity

2015 September/October

New life for an historic building. New southern cuisine for downtown Paducah.

2015 September/October

Sara Bradley has come home to her roots.


Inch By Inch, Row By Row, They're Going To Make Their Gardens Grow

2015 July/August

If you have ever set your hand to gardening as a novice, you know it is not as simple as putting seeds in the ground and waiting for them to grow. Gardening is equal parts science and art. It is a learned skill. And these Master Gardeners have studied, worked the soil, and enjoyed the fruits of their labors.





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