Stand-Up Folks

2016 March/April

A Discusssion With Paducah's New Comedians


Carl Cook's Paducah - Reviving Lost Art

2016 March/April

Carl Cook never set out to be an artist. Born in 1905 in Paragould, Arkansas, he moved to Illinois with his parents where he graduated high school and earned a Bachelor of Education from Illinois State University.


The Spoons In The Grass Are There To Dig A Moat

2016 March/April

Amelia Martens finds inspiration in the brief bits of time allotted a poet parent.


Necessity may be the mother of invention but for Amelia Martens, the mother of two small children, necessity was the mother of creativity.


Off To See The Wizard! Ozzie Smith Visits Paducah

2016 March/April

LIFE As A Paducah TEEN!

2016 March/April

These are the best days of your life.


Parents proclaim it. Teachers tell students to take stock of it. Coaches hearken back to it on playing fields from the past. Advisors hasten to help college applicants appreciate it. Teens hear it from every side.


Teen Takeover - The Athlete: Wells Purdom

Teen Takeover - The Traveler: Olivia Sin

Teen Takeover - The Inventor: John Holtgrewe

2016 March/April

Part of Paducah Life's TEEN TAKEOVER


For the past few years, John Holtgrewe has contemplated feet—specifically, those of his great-grandmother.


Let us explain.


Teen Takeover - The Entertainer: Jacob Weitlauf

2016 March/April

Part of Paducah Life's TEEN TAKEOVER


When Jacob Weitlauf paused to take a brief phone interview with Paducah Life Magazine, he was in Chicago, preparing for one of the biggest dance auditions of his life.


Teen Takeover - The Future Leader: Jack Daniels


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