Hugh Edwards - Paducah Photography Pioneer

2019 November/December

Photos courtesy of the McCracken County Public Library


The Happy World of Hedgehoggery

2019 September/October

A Dog's Life

2019 September/October

Comfort Food

2019 May/June

When Marsha Millay took the job as Nutritional Services Coordinator at Merryman House Domestic Crisis Center, she was admittedly a little nervous about it. She’d begun her career years earlier in the Army serving as a chef in a headquarters company (a company-sized military unit) and then moved to Kentucky to work at a senior living center.


Lives in Transition

2019 May/June

Paducah Public Schools Tackle the Problem of Homelessness, Putting Students and Families on the Path to Success


They Called Him "Big House"

2019 March/April

Paducah native Clarence Gaines will be forever equated with basketball. In his 47 years as head coach at Winston-Salem State University, he amassed 828 wins. At the time of his retirement in 1993, that made him the winningest black coach in history and second overall. He was only bested by Adolph Rupp of the University of Kentucky.


Beyond the Arc—the Unrivaled Basketball Stories of Barry Smith

2019 March/April

One of Barry Smith’s most prized possessions is a photo of himself from his playing days at SIU in Carbondale. In that captured moment, Barry soars above the court, escorting the ball to the rim. He makes it look effortless as he rises above the defenseless opponent below—an opponent by the name of Larry Bird.



2019 March/April

In the waking moments of the 2018-19 basketball season, when many players were shaking off the dust of summer, getting back to the routines of practice and conditioning, Murray State University sophomore guard Ja Morant threw down the gauntlet.


They Got Their Kicks on Route 66

2018 November/December

“Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.” —Jack Kerouac, On the Road


A Weird & Wonderful World

2018 September/October

Ashley Bennett-Riley labels herself a talker.


"I'm seriously the most chatty person ever," she laughs.


But, she just gets excited—especially when she's talking about any of her many passions: her husband, Brad; her art; or her business, Facing the Sunshine Stationery and Design.



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