The Dog Days of Summer

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Here they are. The pooches of Paducah celebrating summer in all its glory!

The Duke of Paducah - An Update from Verne Woods, Navigator

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Duke of Paducah navigator Verne Woods contacted us after Memorial Day with an amazing update to our Duke of Paducah B-17 story!

Summer Street Styles

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Western Kentucky’s wintery weather finally said its goodbyes just in time for spring to come out and play, but the summer heat is hot on spring’s flowery heels. It’s time for front porch-sitting, cold drink-sipping, and downtown strolling, and whether you’re the type to sport the latest trends or the type to tend toward the classic, the key to summer style is comfort and confidence.

Rosalyn Rikel Ramage is on TRACK to Keep the Stories Coming!

2013 May/June Edition


A history in western Kentucky, an inspirational family, and a passionate need to put her stories into books is giving this Paducah native a new lease on life.

A Day in the Life - Taking Flight

2013 May/June Edition

The midnight air hangs still and black in Kelly Houser's bedroom. Saturday slips unassumingly into Sunday as she sleeps. The quietude of the moment is profound until it is broken by a call; a cry of distress.


A Day in the Life - One Day More

2013 May/June Edition

Famed choreographer Martha Graham said, "Theater is a verb before it is a noun, an act before it is a place." At the Market House Theatre, no one's life could be best described by action words better than that of Michael Cochran. Engage, impress, dazzle, create, execute, emote, develop—all verbs that are tailored to his daily activities.


A Day in the Life - Morning Sunshine!

2013 May/June Edition

Monday through Friday, and sometimes Saturday, too, Steve Hyde is up before the sun, but he’s not actually a morning person. For over a year now, he’s been waking up at 4:15 AM or so with the help of an alarm.


“For some people it’s natural,” he’ll say, “but not for me! Don’t think it ever will be.” 


A Day in the Life - Welcome to the World... on a String

2013 May/June Edition

What involves a dentist’s office, a guitar named Blueridge Betty, a little place called Shandies, and a Mrs. Claus costume?


Another Thursday in the life of a lady named Tracy Badger.


The Duke of Paducah - Flying High in History

2013 May/June Edition

The title Duke of Paducah means diferent things to different people. For one group of young men in WWII, it meant a bond of friendship and the ravages of war that would change them forever.


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