Off to the Derby

2013 March/April Edition

For these western Kentucky women GOING TO THE DERBY takes on a whole new meaning!

The Last Dance

2013 March/April Edition

Senior prom is a bittersweet moment for most students, but for students attending this year’s proms at Lone Oak, Reidland and Heath High Schools—as well as those with fond memories of proms past—the night will be especially poignant. These mothers and daughters from each of Paducah’s soon-to-merge schools joined us at Paducah Life in a nostalgic trip down high school-memory lane; here are their photos and thoughts of proms past in honor of The Last Dance.

Art in the Garden

2013 March/April Edition

Celebrating Local Art in Memory of a Son’s Life Honorably Lived

Welcome to New York City. Intern here. Then Move Back Home.

2013 March/April Edition

First, she sketches a bold, black brow over the model’s eye. From the inner corner of the brow she brings the black down, contouring with the face’s natural shadows. She then strokes the brush diagonally to close the triangle, and fills it in to complete the shock of black. Next, she makes one more quick, decisive stroke from the outer corner of the eye upward and outward. Finally, she fills in the spaces between the black with white, marrying the two colors where they meet. It’s intense. It’s dramatic. It’s unmistakably David Bowie.

Lisa Heine Hancock

2013 March/April Edition

A new job. A new husband. A new member of our Board of Contributors.

Coming Home

2013 March/April Edition

There's just no accounting for that pull to come back home!

Welcome to our World!

2013 March/April Edition

Genevieve Postlethwait joins PADUCAH LIFE Magazine as Associate Editor.

The creativity of Barton Christmas will blow you away!

Exclusive Online Content


While many teenage boys play video games or do yard work to earn extra cash, Barton Christmas uses his time and talents making balloon animals for parties and other special events. 


PTHS Class of ‘64 Reunion Enjoys 50 Years of Friendship

Exclusive Online Content

The dreaded high school class reunion comes but once every few years. For classmates of Paducah Tilghman High School’s Class of 1964, reunions are neither dreaded nor are they only an obligation one has to fulfill. In fact, the class will celebrate its 50th year reunion in 2014 and they are already excitedly making plans for the week of the event.

You Never Know What LIFE Will Bring You

2013 Jan/Feb Edition

“You never know what a day will bring. You never know what your life will bring, for that matter.”


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