They Still Make Tupperware?

2012 Nov/Dec Edition

Kerie Crawford is refashioning the early art of the shirtwaist, the kitchen container party, and the cultural reclamation of actually getting people together in person.

Dough for Dough: The Donut Hole is No Half-Baked Idea

2012 Sept/Oct Edition

Some teenagers think of nothing but coasting through life with the help of someone else. Others crash on the couch and play video games for an unpredictable amount of time.  But some have that mature ingenuity, the type (normally) fashioned from hard work and old-fashioned experience, and put it to good use.



Lauren & Lacrosse

2012 Sept/Oct Edition

A diligent mom does her homework for the benefit of her son and a new game becomes part of the Paducah sports scene.


The Feud Doesn’t Live On, But The Hatfield Lineage Does . . . Right Here in Paducah!

2012 Sept/Oct Edition

The 2012 Emmys will be presented in September and the History Channel’s three-part mini-series Hatfields & McCoys has been nominated for 16 awards. Although the series can’t sweep them all because Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton are up against each other for Best Actor, the series should do very well. 



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