Teen Takeover - The Entrepreneur: Barton Christmas

2016 March/April

Part of Paducah Life's TEEN TAKEOVER


Barton Christmas has had a dream since he was 13. He wants to give every person on planet earth a Coke, just like the 1971 song.


Teen Takeover - The Volunteer: Ashley Dunn

Teen Takeover - The Recruit: Amiya Jones

"Octopus" Artists John Hasagawa and Lily Liu

2016 January/February

Lily Liu says working in Paducah as an artist is like being an octopus.


"Here, I’ve met so many artists [who work in] so many different mediums, I feel like I have grown to become an octopus with tentacles," she says. "Each tentacle is grabbing and growing stronger in an area [of art]."


Finding Home

2016 January/February

Brothers Jim and Tom DeCillis spent most of their lives as nomadic businessmen. Both worked within the energy industry, managing construction of new facilities in the oil/gas sector. Separately, they globetrotted to every continent.


Just Hamburgers

2016 January/February

All In Good Taste

2016 January/February

Connie Overstreet wants only the best for her "boys."


After a day job she loves as Director of Physician Recruitment at Lourdes Hospital, she spends her evenings lovingly baking treats made of the freshest, healthiest ingredients for her little guys.


Masters Of Illusion

2016 January/February

Succulent Summer In The Depths Of Winter

2016 January/February

Nothing beats a homegrown tomato in July. The beauty of the vine-ripened fruit, bathed in the sun, is undeniable as we savor the delicate balance between sweet and tangy. Come January, we decry the lack of tomatoes as our options dwindle to imported, often flavorless varieties shipped in from hundreds of miles away.


The Revival Of The Big E

2016 January/February

The most iconic component of Paducah's Executive Inn were the two, large neon Es found atop its roof. They so identified the hotel that many simply called it "The Big E."


When The Big E was demolished, the salvage company in charge donated the two neon letters to The Easter Seal Center to be auctioned in support of the annual telethon.



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