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In our August edition, we featured the philanthropic duo Nan and Thep Choomnafai when we shared their story of giving and good food. Since then, their story has gone global, with 200 copies of PADUCAH LIFE Magazine making their way from Paducah, Kentucky to Nan’s hometown of Phra Nakhon Sri Ayutthaya, Thailand.

Nan’s story is being used at her former school to inspire and teach students about overcoming challenges, making a way for oneself, and participating in the cycle of giving as one has received.

The public school that received the magazines, Sappasamitbamrung School, teaches around 500 students from fourth through eighth grade and is led by Director Siriporn Timklay, who is a pivotal figure in Nan’s life. She not only served as Nan’s teacher in school, but she was also the first person to truly understand and help to solve one of Nan’s biggest struggles as a child: hunger. Siriporn Timklay noticed Nan’s struggles and gave her a job as a dishwasher at her house so she could have meals outside of school.

The students’ reaction to Nan’s story is a testament to its power. Director Siriporn Timklay shared that she could just see the inspiration in their eyes and feel the students developing the belief that if Nan could succeed, they could too.

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