A Collection of Curated Art Abounds at Art Guild of Paducah

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Paducah Life Magazine | Art Guild of Paducah

Since 2008, accomplished area artisans have overseen and ensured the exhibition of stunning stained glass, jewelry, wood making, painting, printmaking, ceramics, and fiber art pieces on Market Square.

The Art Guild of Paducah began when the Paducah Art Guild, established in 1957, evolved into the renowned Yeiser Art Center, leaving no smaller-scale guild in Paducah. A group of local artists, organized in 2008 to become the Art Guild of Paducah. Today, the organization promotes visual arts and artists in Paducah and the surrounding region and expands art education through programs and events. 

“We had a successful pop-up shop during Quilt Week one year and that was an exciting event where we sold lots of art in the space we are in now,” board president David Lucht recalls. Shortly after, everyone pitched in to help make the gallery permanent.

The group curates creativity through exhibiting emerging artists’ juried works. “We want to develop the business of art and close the circle on the artistic process,” David stated. “So many artists struggle while working in their studios and their works don’t move farther than family or close friends. We want to put the final finish on helping people present their art and deal with the public in a retail setting.” 

The Art Guild features a collection of different media – ceramics, jewelry, woodworking, stained glass, a variety of painting and printmaking, and textiles, including fiber art quilts, hats, jackets, and purses. Fiber artist Kerry Bowes, featured in a 2022 issue of Paducah Life Magazine, uses a technique in which she appliqués material and stitches coil pots together in powerful configurations. Printmaker Justin Hammonds produces woodcuts and typically works with wood and linoleum cut on a large scale. Batik artist David Lucht has been involved with the group since 2008 and is one of thirty or so members who run the guild like a co-op. David’s batik method uses wax as a resist medium to build an image with fabric dyes, then takes the wax out of cloth or paper to achieve an image. 

Visit the gallery at 115 Market Square Monday through Saturday from 10 AM to 6 PM and Sundays from 1 PM to 5 PM.

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