Podcast Paducah

2016 November/December

The internet gives rise to voice. Anyone, anywhere, is a potential mass communicator. And with ease, one's voice can be heard around the world through a podcast.


Several in Paducah are taking to the virtual airwaves, reaching out to audiences both near and far.


Pantsuit Politics


Once More, With Feeling

2016 November/December

Michele Len Venable doesn’t remember her father singing much but she loved it when he called out “Pennsylvania 6-500” with the rest of the boys in the band when they performed the swing era classic. Dropping the “O” in Olen and eliminating his surname, Martin, Olen Foster Martin, Jr. adopted the stage name Len Foster and became bandleader and the “boss” of the Len Foster Orchestra.

LIFE, In A Nutshell

2016 November/December

Jazzy, Man & Band's Best Friend

2016 September/October

Putting More Western Into Western Kentucky

2016 September/October

"I loved horses all my life," says Becky Henson, "and never seemed to have the opportunity to have one. When my kids were small, everybody in the neighborhood starting getting ponies for their children. So, we began with ponies and then got a horse. But when we started looking around for things for the horse, we had to drive at least an hour to find what we needed."


Moonshine Speaks Volumes At The Silent Brigade

2016 September/October

Success blossoms brightest when it is organic—when it is borne naturally out of one's own interests and talents. That's what John Brown and Keith Bundy discovered as they unknowingly cultivated a backyard hobby into a growing business in downtown Paducah


The 1857 Hotel

2016 July/August

You COULD say that Paul Gourieux saw the light!


Time On The String: The Musical Journey Of Josh Coffey

2016 July/August

More Than Skimming The Surface

2016 July/August

Western Kentucky is awash in opportunities for aqua fun. A myriad of rivers and lakes draw outdoor enthusiasts from near and far to make a splash in the summer sun. The question is, how do you enjoy the water—skim, float, or dive right in?


Sign Here: The Story of the Guestbook Quilt

2016 July/August

In the past, a wedding guestbook simply served as a record of the friends and family members who celebrated a couple’s union.


Katie Johnson wanted hers to keep her warm.



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